My Lean OUT story has been forming over the past 20 years or so.

I was in commercial real estate for almost 15 years leasing space in shopping malls. I was living in Los Angeles. I had a nanny and barely saw my child. I felt that I was just chasing the next designer purse....  when my husband and I decided to stop the cycle and get out of LA. 

Within 3 months, he received a transfer to Quebec City, Canada and I quit my job. 

Over the next 5 years that I lived there, I developed strong female bonds and though we talked about our kids and being mothers, the main arch of our conversations were about who WE were and what WE wanted out of life.  Then in 2013 my husband got a new job in Seattle, we left Quebec and 6 months later he was laid off. During the almost 7 months that he searched for a new job, I held a part time job and continued on this path of trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

During this time, while we were hemorrhaging our savings, my old boss called me out of the blue and offered me my old job back. Along with my job, would be the freedom to work remotely, all the perks of first-class travel, hotels and fine dining... And though I feel selfish saying this, I didn't take it.  I knew that if I did, I would get sucked back into the corporate world and I didn't think I would get out again. At this point it wasn’t about the money, it was about continuing this journey that I was on and one of my main values is integrity - and I loved the people at my job like family and I didn’t think I could go back for only a few years. It was all or nothing for me, and I chose nothing.

So fast forward 6 months, I was deep into my personal spiritual quest when I began my certification and eventually became credentialed as a coactive coach.  Around this time I read the book, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and for the first time heard of Impostor Fraud and understood that was what I had felt all those years in the corporate world.

Definition: “Impostor Syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

What I read in that book was: if Sheryl Sandberg feels like a fraud as the COO of Facebook, so can you… just put your head down and climb that golden ladder. (Not a direct quote by any means, but how I remember it from reading it years ago). I had such a visceral reaction to that, and I hated the idea of someone just fighting through impostor syndrome (feeling like a fraud) because "everyone does".

And it BECAME MY MISSION to work with people to find their own authentic style. I work with people who are ready to trust their strength, find their confidence, their intuition and take ACTION, to start living a life that has meaning for them. I want you to know and trust your strengths and ALSO to know where you aren’t strong and learn how not to dwell in that. I want you to hear the fear and push through it, to not be wrapped up in a story of who you think you are.

I found that my super power is seeing the power in other people and not letting them back down from owning it. If you are ready to step into your POWER, to face your fears and realize that they don’t own you, to take ACTION and observe the results to determine how to MOVE FORWARD. Then I want to work with you.



At the heart of it all, I believe if you are exploring the following, you are moving yourself forward.


Jessica’s coaching has helped me through big transitions in my work and personal life. I loved her no-nonsense, practical approach, which was deeply rooted in spirituality and laughter. She gave me useful tools and inspiration to rethink my own behaviour, which have made a positive impact in my life so far and I’m still using today.

- CPCC, Certified Professional Coactive Coach

- ACC, Associate Certified Coach with the ICF, International Coaches Federation

- Formerly a shopping center leasing representative for 10+ years with real estate licenses in Illinois and California.

- Bachelors from Western Michigan University in Political Science and Environmental Studies.

- Mother of two elementary aged kids, Zoe and Jack and a wife to Matt.

- Voracious reader of all things philosophical, psychological, fiction and non-fiction. See my resources page for suggestions.

- In order to work with you, I work on myself. With a coach, with a therapist, with retreats, trainings. I understand how hard it can be to work on yourself and also how REWARDING it is when you show up for yourself.