Jessica McClure



In this land of technology and instant communication and a coffee house on every corner, there is silence.  

As I sit and drink my coffee and look around, most every person there - and there a lot of people -  are on their head sets, they are working on their laptop, they are looking at their phone and there is silence.  

With the occasional hiss of the espresso machine or the music playing low, I vow to break this silence.  

I walk up to a stranger with a simple ask "May I talk with you for a few minutes....?"  

They look at me strangely, confused, sometimes a little taken aback.  And I say, that's what I do, I go out and talk to strangers about what has meaning for them and it can only take a few minutes.   Most people say yes, they'll give me 10 minutes, though they usually give me many, many more minutes than that.  And some say "no", and that's ok too, but I sometimes wonder if they think later, "what if I would have said yes?"

And then we connect.  And I often learn something new, aspire to do something I haven't done before, sometimes I question a belief I thought I had...  I renew my faith and hope in all the good people out there who are trying to make the world a better place just by doing what comes naturally to them.  

And then I write about it and in the process hope to inspire you to do something new, learn something, aspire to try or maybe question a belief that you hold.  

I invite you to follow along on these connections, maybe even inspire you to spark one of your own?

During this process, I realized I was meeting some truly amazing entrepreneurial women.  In the hope of inspiring other women to get out there and follow their own passions, I have created a subsection of non-anonymous conversations called Badass Women Entrepreneurs.

I hope that these connections inspire you, to make your own connections.

Follow along in real time at jessicaburnettmcclure on instagram