This is for you if you are ready to see a change in your life. You WANT more and you know that you are meant to BE more — you might know what that MORE is or you might not. You’re tired of thinking about it and you don’t know where to start. You’re ready to take some action to explore what would it be like if you focused on you…

THE TALKING about the thing isn’t the thing. THE DOING of the thing is the thing.

— Amy Poehler

Personalized one-on-one coaching, virtually on the phone or over zoom.

It starts with one thirty-minute call to see if we are the right fit. In that call you’ll get a taste of what coaching is like and get some clarity on an issue in your life. (link to wheel of life)

If we both feel like it’s a fit, we’ll move on to coaching. I require a minimum three month commitment, I have found that’s the minimum time necessary to see change - though most find that 5-6 months is the sweet spot to create lasting transformation and marked improvement.


the coaching:

  • It all starts with a QUESTIONNAIRE that has you reflecting on what has and hasn’t worked for you

  • A personalized LIFE DESIGN REPORT that is a mix of your personal astrology, numerology and human design. This isn’t to tell you your “purpose” or make any grandiose statements. I think of it as a mattress of comfort that helps you understand where you’ve been and helps ease the idea of who you are meant to be. hint: every SINGLE person is here to serve others in some capacity. * Please note I am not an “expert” in reading any of these formats professionally.  I consider myself a dabbler with a strong instinct of what is fitting. Take it, or leave it, as you will. And if you’d like to dive further into any of the modalities, I’d be happy to recommend a resource or expert in their individual field.

  • and then the DISCOVERY SESSION. This is a 90-120 minute deep dive into who you are, how you work and how we can best work together. This will include goal setting, action taking, as well as a guided visualization to meet your future self.

  • The coaching begins. Every two weeks for 50 minutes. A deep dive into the NOW. There is no set formula. Every session is unique to what you need. You will gain tools on how to recognize and combat FEAR, how to to take ACTION in going after your goals, how to create meaningful COMMUNITY around you and how to trust your INTUITION to insure you are taking action that has meaning for you and will create lasting change.

  • In between sessions: I offer email support and may send you resources (articles / books) or check in where you are at with accountability. I also offer mini coaching sessions - have an interview or a big meeting with your boss? We’ll do a quick 15 minute coaching to get you clear on what you need and what you want.

  • COMPLETION - maybe it’s the end of the three months, maybe it’s not. We’ll both know when the time is right for you and you feel comfortable with the tools, the resources, and the confidence to complete coaching. As in the beginning we will start with where you are in the top 8 areas of your life (see below), we end with the same. And what I’ve found is my clients will typically go up (on a scale of 1-10) 3-4 points in usually 3 areas of their life. And often times, ALL AREAS of their life shift. How does that sound?

There is currently a waitlist for new clients. If you would like to be notified when space opens up, please click on the below button. (i expect more to open by September 2019)



If you were to rate each of the below on a scale of 1-10, where would you be? Are you happy with that number?


This is a real clienT*

On Day 1 and then 3 months later

*These same results not guaranteed. Each person will have their own personal chart of ups & downs. It’s not uncommon for some areas to go DOWN at completion — the one that I see happen most commonly is social goes down, because the person’s interests have changed or what they want to focus on has shifted. Sometimes a few areas will stay the same. It’s not uncommon for all areas of life to go up as peoples standard of happiness go up.

- see FAQ page for additional coaching facts -