The New Student Ideal

Zarinah is the future.  She is currently in school as a music major and wants to enhance the gamers experience and emotions, just by playing a song... but she's not going into debt to do it "I see my dad, who has 2 full time jobs, he has 3 kids and he shows me how much student debt he is still paying off... and he doesn't want me to go through that.  He will be paid off by the time he is 66 or 67."  "I'm in school for the experience and the contacts that you can make - but I won't get my bachelors or masters so I won't be in crippling debt".  And she plans to work hard and work smart - everything she needs to know she can figure out through the internet, networking and practice.  That is how she plans to be successful - it's not about a piece of paper.

Zarinah mentioned a few times about how shy she is, how it takes her a very long time to open up to people but when she does they become life long friends.  And this is how she networks, she puts herself out there just as she is and because of that she has found that people are willing to help her, they do it because they know that they all have a common love of video games and they want to help newcomers so they don't have to struggle as much as they did...  and I bet they see something in Zarinah, just as people at bus stops do when they decide to confide in her, because they see a safe place without judgement and they see someone who has been so supported by her family and friends to go after what she loves that she easily departs that to others.

I don't see Zarinah under a label of shy, I see her as a young women who respects her solitude, in herself and others.

Jessica McClureConnections