Values, Confidence, Strategic Thinking, Managing a team, Managing Up, Power, Innovation, Communication, Politics, Organization, Time Management, Strengths, Weaknesses, Systems… Oh My!

I could go on all day.

We are all of these things - but the question is, how do you deal with these things? Are you as strategic in HOW you work as the work you are doing?

I believe a Leader is someone who seeks out the strengths in their team, teaches their knowledge and focus on creating in the future. It’s knowing and trusting the power that is within you so that you can lead with clarity, integrity and authenticity.

The actual coaching is personalized to you and your needs and is a minimum six month contract. Coaching can be via zoom video conferencing, telephone or in person in your office.


impostor fraud workshop:

A workshop that has been designed to bring your team together with vulnerability and honesty.

To showcase how we all feel like impostors - and tools to combat it.

A personalized 1-1/2 hour or half-day team building workshop.

Contact me to discuss further.