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  1. DARE TO LEAD — really any Brene Brown you can’t go wrong. This one is like her greatest hits, with actionable items.

  2. CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS - understand how to have difficult conversations and finding the balance between each others needs and how you state yours.

  3. THE BIG LEAP - ever notice how you’ll be happy and then immediately start worrying about something? How to stop doing that. Also, finding your Zone of Genious and the creating time (really).

  4. PLAYING BIG - this is a great coach book and also filled with so many real life nuggets to think about.



  1. ARTISTS WAY - you don’t have to drop everything in order to find a “new path”. How to invite creativity into your everyday life.

  2. WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES - My favorite book to recommend hands down. Every woman, man and teenager should read. Takes stories/fables of old to help you understand how you live your life.

  3. SACRED CONTRACTS - an interesting take on how to understand yourself deeply. This has helped me to create a “stable” of helpers in my mind.

  4. ENERGY OF MONEY - A deep dive in uncovering your views on money, your values and what you want out of life.

  1. ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER - purifies your house, lifts and sets your mood. I don’t know that I believe all the claims - but I know that I like my space to smell nice without all the chemicals.

  2. Pendulum - practice asking it to show you yes, no, or ask another question. Helps you to fine tune your intuition.

  3. & 4. For my life clients I put together an initial HUMAN DESIGN, ASTROLOGY and numberology reading. I am continually surprised by how these 3 will all point the person towards the same thing. It doesn’t predict the future, but helps give you some comfort on the journey




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