Jessica McClure

Find Clarity.  Connect with Others. Release Your Fears.
Take Action Toward Your Dreams.

Hi, I'm Jessica - and I'm a Leadership and Life Design Coach. 

I live in Seattle but I work virtually with clients all over the world.  And what I do, is help people find how to be the best leader they can in all aspects of their life.  

I believe in connection, trusting your intuition, taking action and being comfortable in your own skin.  Trying new and different things - in the real world and in your own mind and collecting the data about what works, what feels good and what doesn't - to help you make better decisions.  

I believe LIFE is meant to be LIVED and I help you put fear aside and do something different.    Because if doing what you're doing now fulfilled you, you probably wouldn't be here.

This isn't about sky diving or becoming a CEO, or maybe it is.  Only you know and I want to help you, explore what you want, why you want it and how to get it.  
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"My goal is that we empower each other through the wisdom of us all.  To join together to be inspired by the courageous souls who went after their dreams, living their lives to the fullest. To create a difference.  ​​To join those that listened to their souls desire, fought through fear and obstacles to stand in their own power.  To join in community to raise each other up, to fuel the passion."