My take on it is: therapy is diving into your past to understand who you are and what shaped you. Mentoring is an expert telling you what to do next based on their experiences. COACHING IS THE SWEET SPOT IN THE MIDDLE, I believe that your past is important but in understanding HOW THE PAST IS SHAPING YOUR PRESENT and I believe that you are the best expert when it comes to your life, rather than me telling you what the best step is to take, WE FIGURE OUT TOGETHER THE NEXT BEST STEP THAT MAKES SENSE FOR YOU.

WHAT if i set up a call with you and we don’t click?

Just like out in the real world, some people you “get” and some people you don’t. It’s the same in coaching - but my hope for you is that you’ll: 1. Get a taste of what coaching is like and can do for you and 2. Will find someone you DO click with. I’m a big believer in shopping around for coaches, just as they say you’ll KNOW when you fall in love or see the house that you want to live in, you’ll know when the coach is right for you.

Why can’t I just do one call and be done?

You can. That’s what the complementary call is for. But if you want real, lasting transformation - you need AT LEAST three months and often times it’s more like 6. It’s really easy to think you’ll continue with the action once you get clarity - and some people do - but most often they fall into THE DIP…

what’s the dip?

It’s that period after the initial flush of excitement and clarity about what you want to do and you decide to take action and THIS TIME DO IT…. than comes the DIP - the fear becomes overwhelming, who are you to do this? what if it doesn’t work? what a waste of money! Time! Damnit I hate this!! That’s the DIP and often you need to sit in that stew for a bit to come back on the other side and see what’s possible. Not everyone goes through it. But many do.

What if a month or two in i don’t want to work with you anymore, can i just quit?

No. See the DIP.

How much is it to work with you?

My individual one-on-one rates and my corporate rate varies and I am happy to discuss pricing with you dependant on your budget and schedule.

I’ve read your whole website and I’m drawn to you

Great. Schedule a call. Just take the action and do it. If not now, when?