If it doesn't work the first time -- just try again

When I first walked into this coffee house I approached a women and asked if she was willing to talk to me and she said no. So I sat at another table, opened up my journal and drank my tea, when Tammie sat down next to me... Tammie has spent the last 37 years raising her children, her youngest is just now finishing high school and she is ready to focus on herself “what I'm seeing in my life is like a blank slate and I have more of an idea of what I don't want....” and then she went on to talk of nature, photography, making things beautiful. As we talked I kept noticing this picture out of my peripheral that looked to be a heart shaped forest shining down on Tammie's head. When I mentioned this to her – she said that she believes she has a few relatives that have passed on, but are always watching out for her and when she really has the need to go out into nature she notices hearts right when she needs them most and she always takes it as a sign that her relatives are with her and watching her and, I'm guessing, sending love. She walked in to the store “feeling negative negative negative. I was just zapped” then by a chance conversation, a connection, she was energized, felt connected with her relatives and ready to go sit, look at the sound and begin to bring her beautiful ideas to life.

I think there are all kinds of universal “winks” around us if we'll just take the time to notice. Dreams, coincidences, chance encounters – they are all there for a reason. Just last night I was thinking about dreams that have made a big impact on my life – there have been more than a few and though I don't think they can tell the future (though there was a weird recurring dream in French that happened a few years prior to us moving our whole family to Quebec City... and I didn't speak French) but I do think it is my subconscious telling me to take note and listen. So I try to, I try and write the ones down that I wake up to – or try to figure out what message it's trying to relate to me, because those dreams are very sneaky and unfortunately are none to clear... but once you tap into them, it's surprisingly clear the messages that you can derive, because deep down you are just your subconscious trying to become conscious. Or something like that.

So whatever works for you, when there is a connection notice it – and the more you notice it, the more you will be able to tune in to those messages and the more they will happen and then what you do with them, is up to you.

Jessica McClure