Keita!! The Success Bully

Keita is a badass woman entrepreneur in the making. A former PR / Integrative Marketing corporate maven who is a recent transplant from NYC, in the process of finding her people and her voice in Seattle.

I have now ran into Keita four different times – two of which she introduced herself as “Keita with three exclamation points !!!"  Keita wants everyone to remember her name and it would be hard to forget it once you meet her. She is warm, gregarious, funny, a hugger.

Keita is a Success Bully. She believes that everyone has a dream destination and she wants to be the one to help you get there. She wants to hear the action you want to take and then make sure you accomplish it; be it finances, weight loss, creative or what ever else strikes your fancy. Keita will make that dream a reality by having you do the work and then holding you accountable for it.

Keita isn't a typical life coach in that she doesn't want to help you figure out what your dream is or go deep into any of the “emotions”, she just wants to make that dream come true – and she does that with action. She will help you create a 30-60-90 day action guide and she is going to make sure you stay on task. She's a bit coach like in when you don't reach your goals, she wants to know what held you back and how you are going to achieve them next week, also the WHY is important, as that is what is going to keep you motivated.

But I sense the real joy for Keita, in both her own life and with clients, is giving them a taste of what success feels like, that boost of confidence that will then feed the next item on the agenda. 

Keita doesn't skimp on her own accountability either – if anything she is the ground zero test subject. She is robot like in her routine and structure – she uses phrases like “streamlining processes”, “functioning like a high performance vehicle” and references her own 30-60-90 day plan often.

Every night before bed she creates her to-do list to start her day focused and picks out her outfit. She wakes daily at 5:00 am, trains and then “wraps the pretty” ensuring her looks and her work mindset are in harmony and, not surprisingly, at least two of the times I met her consisted of badass leather on an early Saturday morning.

On her last birthday in August, Keita felt moved to speak, so she turned her phone on herself, spoke some words and uploaded it to Facebook... and has now done so over 100 times. Words of encouragement, bravery, fighting through the fear, empowerment and whatever else flows from her; snippets of wisdom to her many friends and followers. A natural lead-in to the words she will use as a Success Bully in order to make sure her clients see results.

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year and many people I speak to are fired up to try something new and Keita's videos might be just the push they need. Too often we don't allow ourselves to go after our dreams; or we think “oh, I'll do it after I have...... money in the bank, the kids are older, I have kids, I have a partner, I leave my partner, after lunch, next week, next year” and on and on and on. If we are not careful, we will realize that the future never comes. There will never be a perfect time to go out on a limb and do something crazy, scary, or creative. Something new.

So take a page from Keita's play book and write down your dream destination and the steps that you need to take to get there and start taking them. If you find you aren't taking the steps, or can't figure out which ones to take – then maybe you just need to call up Keita and have her be your Success Bully. Because she doesn't want to hear about the same dream coming out of your mouth for another year – she wants you to work on your to-do list now, cross an easy item off to give you some momentum and confidence, put on some leather and get busy.

And she will be there to support you while you do it, hold you accountable for getting it done AND cheer you on when you achieve it.

You can reach Keita at she offers a complimentary initial consultation and then begins the process of diving in deep with action and accountability.

Jessica McClure