The New Feminine Maharashi Effect

The Current Maharishi Effect.

I’ve spoken on this before but I think it bears its own post as it’s something I talk about often.

In the 60’s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that if 1% of the population practiced transcendental meditation (TM) at the same time for a set period, they would see a significant reduction in crime in that city.

He was able to test his theory starting in 1976 when he gathered a percentage of the population in Washington DC and introduced the TM-Sidhi program and they collectively meditated over a specified period of time.  He then practiced this principle numerous times in different cities over the next decade.  When the statistics were reviewed and compiled in 1993, for the prior 15 years, the crime in the various cities during that time period were significantly reduced.  Washington DC had reduced its crime rate by 11% during the period of meditation and the maximum decrease a city saw in violent crimes was 23.3%. (see footnote for sources)

I think we are in the midst of another Maharishi Effect that I hope will yield quantifiable results in the next decade.

But this time, instead of collectively thinking on peace and love or whatever comprised of the TM-Sidhi method, this time I call it The Women Who Won’t Take It Anymore Effect (I seriously need a catchier title than 1 article a day of brainstorming allows for).  This is Feminism.  

This is the effect that I am noticing all around the country since we saw a new President win the electoral college last fall.  Women raising up.  Women linked arm in arm.  Women inviting their men and children to the fight.  Women demanding equal pay.  Women demanding our immigrants are treated fairly. Women having compassion for the refugee mommas living in a horrible situation.  Women demanding retribution with #metoo.  Women lifting each other up with words of support.  Women expecting more from each other.  Women.  Women.  Woman.

I almost cringe to say this, but I am almost glad that President Trump became President.  It allowed us to see where we were complacent, where we can do better, where our voices are not heard, where we do not matter.  

And now we’re saying, “We matter and we will be heard.”

Every conversation I have lately, is revolved around women.  The issues they stand behind -- Moms Against Guns, Equality and Inclusion, Just saying No to Pinterest, that we are not nor do we need to be perfect, Equal Pay for Equal Work, Harassment, Pant Suits, working full-time, SAHM, the issues are endless and personal and cross a wide range of topics…  

There is no one way to be.  And we will not judge.  We are going to lift each other up and help each other wherever we can.

And we need to hold ourselves accountable for what we say and what we do.  If we want to make the next generation better for our daughters we need to own this.  We need to speak out when we see injustice.  We need to speak out when we have an idea or a share in the boardroom.  We need to demand that we are treated just the same as a white male when we go seeking money for our business.  We need to go after that job even if we aren’t perfect for it.  We need to speak up and let our voices be heard, in whatever iteration they want to come out as.

And we need to demand this for our sisters as well.  

Back on a cold day in January, 2017 I woke up very early to go meet a group of strangers at 7 am in downtown Seattle.  It was still pitch black outside and 24 women sat in a circle and talked about what we wanted, what we needed and what we wanted to be apart of.  

One month later that group grew by the hundreds.

11 months later that group is over 1,300 women strong and consistently over a hundred women show up on the first Friday of the month at 7 am to drop a lot of F-Bombs.  But we also lift each other up, help each other and listen to one another.  

As I described this morning to my son, “we are Fierce Females, many of which are Founders, who drop Ferocious word bombs”.  And we say F*&% a lot.

And I see this happening across the nation.  And if you are reading this and don’t have a group to call your own, then make it.  This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.  Collect 5 or 1 of your girlfriends in your living room and get real, be vulnerable, encourage each other to be great, to speak up, to be kind though fierce.  Shine that light as bright and as far as possible.  

Because Ladies, we’ve got this.  

This is our turn to write history.  To finally shift the dynamic and carry our brothers with us - this isn’t about them or me.  It’s about us.  A better planet for us all.  For the next generation and the generation after that.  

This is the Effect of Women Who Won’t Take It Anymore.  This is what it is to be a Feminist.  And in generations to come they will talk about us - the women of 2017 - who banded together, who fought, who cried, who screamed….  We who demanded more.  


Jessica McClure